2015 - 2016

The »TROUBLEMAKER« is a figure of rebellion or protest, a riot girl, a fighter for freedom. GIF animations show twelve different gestures of protest, arranged within a grid to form moving patterns. The gesture of protest is reduced to its pure aesthetic and turns from a political act to a performative movement.

The gestures were developed by analyzing press images from 2014, showing protests all over the globe e.g. in Ukraine, Turkey, Tunisia and in Egypt. I found twelve archetypal protest gestures varying from defensive movements like to “go down” or “protect oneself” to more aggressive poses like “to raise a fist” or “throwing something”.

To illustrate how much space a body can occupy the »TROUBLEMAKER« performer wears a black costume made
from elastic fabric that expands and diminishes with the movement of the body.

Visit the »TROUBLEMAKER«-Website to create your rebel army.